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The Malone Trumpet Conversions – orientações:
…The Malone Trumpet Conversions maximize the performance potential of instruments made by Bach, Schilke, Yamaha and other brands. (no longer other than Yamaha at the Yamaha Custom Shop in Grand Rapids, Mi or new horns in near future)....Allowing you to concentrate on playing music and not on struggling to play the trumpet. These conversions can be performed on instruments provided by BMBT (Bob Malone’s Brass Technology) or on an instrument which you supply. (Now as stated only Yamahas). Malone Trumpet Conversions are available for trumpets in the keys of Bb, C, EbD, EEb and FG. And are currently being played by symphony players and solo artists around the world.
As a result of unique design features and quality construction, all Malone Custom Leadpipes and Tuning Slides offer quick and even response through all register, improved intonation and increased flexibility.

Custom Bb Trumpet Leadpipes:
MB2 Big Sound, Free-Blowing
MB2o Broader, more-open version of the MB2
MB1 Darker and with more concentrated/focused sound than the MB2
MB1o Broader, more-open version of the MB1
All Custom Bb Leadpipes can be set-up in a reverse configuration.

Custom C Trumpet Leadpipes
MC2 Big Sound, Free-Blowing
MC1 Darker and with a more concentrated/focused sound than the MC2
MC1o Broader, more-open version of the MC1
These leadpipes are in a reverse configuration and incorporate an innovative over-sleeve. This over-sleeve allows the forward bell-brace to be mounted at the same location as on the standard leadpipe configuration. The top tube of your tuning slide must be replaced to accommodate these leadpipes.
MC2A Clearly defined; note placement with a more-concentrated sound than the MC2. Based on the MC2 in a standard configuration (compatible with the Bach 25A Tuning Slide)
MC2B Combines the advantages of the MC2A, a standard configuration in leadpipe and the MC2 in a reverse configuration leadpipe. The top tube of you tuning slide must be replace with a specially matched top tube to accommodate this leadpipe, or a BMBT Custom Tuning Slide may be purchased.

Custom Bb and C Trumpet Tuning Slides
Available with three different crook shapes: Square (SQ), Half-Round (HR) and Ovate (OV), each crook is available in Medium Large and Large Bore versions.
The SQ crook gives more definition to the sound and produces a denser quality of sound. The OV crook is less resistant, producing a darker but less defined sound than the SQ. The HR crook has the attributes of both the SQ and OV crooks combining good definition and breadth of sound.
Tuning slides made from these crooks can be matched with most existing trumpets/bore sizes. When matched with Malone Custom Leadpipes, Malone Custom Tuning Slides further enhance the performance capabilities of the trumpet, and provide numerous possible combinations of sound and response.
… Here are some players using his stuff:
Ole-Edward Antonsen / Larry Black Atlanta Symphony / Mike Buccalo New Orleans Symphony / David Burt / Frank Campos Professor - Ithica College / Edward Carroll - Soloist and Professor Royal Academy of Music, Lake Placid Music Festival / Dai, Zhong-Hui - Principal - Bejing Symphony / Todd Davidson - Professor - Bowling Green University / John DeWitt - Houston Symphony / Ilem Eshed / Robert Frear - Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, L.A. Studios / David Washburn -LA Chamber Orchestra, L.A. Studios / Thomas Stevens / Tim Morrison / Boyde Hood - LA Phil & Professor - USC /

Rob Roy MacGregor - LA Phil / Jim Thompson - Professor - Eastman College / Ray Mase - Professor - Julliard / Robert Sullivan - New York Philharmonic / Richard Giangiulio / Anthony Plog / Jan Gustavsson / Amy Gilreath / Auto Hornweg- Rotterdam Philharmonic / Dale Marrs -Stuttgart, Germany / Petyer Knudsvig - Germany / Cathy Leach Professor - U of Tennessee / Jens Lindeman - UCLA & Former Canadian Brass / Michael Sachs / Hakan Hardenberger and many more in the Jazz world too…these info where taken from Trumpet forum´s, so maybe not completely correct…

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