Reacção de Craig Morris, Primeiro Trompete da Orquestra de Chicago, a algumas insinuações (“Trumpet Herald” 2003).

Well, I guess staying anonymous didn't last too long, now did it?

I was trying to stay anonymous and gradually bend things towards the truth, however, in the end that was probably futile. I probably won't post much on here, and for that matter probably won't read things that often either. In many ways I feel like this kind of forum works better if the people that are being talked about just stay the heck out! I do, however, want to set a few things straight for the record. As for the "chops trouble" that Azbrass mentioned, here is the true story. In Chicago I had to take about 5 days totally off of the horn to recover from an opening to the season that really took it out of me. We did a European tour of Mahler 1, 5, and 7 to open the year (with no rehearsal prior to the day before the first concert I might add), then returned home to a Wagner and Modernism festival. After that we went to Carnegie with the Wagner then to D.C., Newark and Boston with Mahler 7. After returning home I had Don Juan and Death of Transfiguration, then Pictures and a recording of the 1st Bartok Piano Concerto, then Mahler 2, all in consecutive weeks. After that I was scheduled to have 2 weeks off. When we returned home after the East Coast tour I started preparing the upcoming rep (Pictures, Mahler 2, etc.). During the Strauss week I overcooked it and had to take 5 or 6 days totally away from the horn. Unfortunately, I missed Pictures during the time off, and the Orchestra had to take steps to fill my place in the Mahler the same day I started playing again. At that point I couldn't guarantee that I would be ready, so I was forced to miss the Mahler as well (big drag). The weeks following that were vacation anyway, so I ended up being out for 4 weeks. Therein marks the one and only time in my career I have taken time off due to "chop problems", which was simply a case of too much pressing. I never took time off in SF for chop trouble and any story to that nature is simply fabrication and quite honestly, defamation.

The only reason I tell this is to point out how far from the truth things can get in a forum like this, and to urge everyone to try to communicate only the truth. If it is speculation, then it should be presented that way. Azbrass, you are distributing as fact things about my career that are simply not true. No doubt, someone else probably presented them as true to you, but it is always important to consider the source. My own colleagues in Chicago circulated many rumors and even wrote letters about my tenure denial that were simply false. Reprimands were sent within the organization clarifying the situation, but sadly those things aren't circulated with the same kind of fervor as the nasty rumors. In the end, I submitted a letter of resignation to the CSO in early March because I wasn't happy in that environment and I had another opportunity here in Miami that looked very appealling. It is true that my tenure in the CSO was never granted, and I honestly don't know if it would have been, but regardless, I would still be right where I am today. End of story.

I'll step off my soapbox now and let you guys get back to the real topics here. Enjoy this forum and use it in any positive way you can. If you ever need a clarification on something regarding my career you know where to find me. Thanks for listening.

Craig Morris

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