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Conn 22B lifetime…

“…The 22B had three main phases (By the way, these "phases" are just for illustration): 

Phase I: 1922 to (approx.) 1930. 
These are the top spring, no main brace models. Usually silver plated. 

Phase IIa: 1930 (-ish) to (approx.) 1935 
Bottom spring, usually lacquered, but no main tuning slide brace. I have no pictures for these. Anyone own a 29x,xxx 22B can confirm this? 

Phase IIb: 1936 - 1946 
Bottom spring, usually lacquered, with main tuning slide brace. Main tuning slide retaining rod/screw through 1946. 

Phase IIc: 1947-1952. 
Same as Phase IIb except not main tuning slide rod/screw. 

Phase IId: 1953-1954. 
The 1953's have slide ends that are probably nickel silver. Last of the "New York Symphony" models. 

Phase IIIa: 1955 
Start of 22B Victor. The 1955 is styling wise close to a 22B New York Symphony Special 

Phase IIIb: 1956-1957 
Same as the 1955 except the valve casing is entirely nickel plated. 

Phase IIIc: 1958-1970's. 
Redesign to put it more in line with the styling of the rest of the models of that period. Mostly a redistribution of the nickel plating. 

From 1955 or so on Conn really started using a series of step-ups as is still the case. I mean as in "cheap, a little better, moderately better, quite a bit better, quite good, very good, etc.). The series, depending on the exact year, was from bottom to top: 

1. 14B/15B Director brass bell 
2. 18B/17B Director Coprion bell 
3. 77B Connquest 
4. 22B Victor 
5. 6B Victor 
6. 10B Victor 
7. 36B Connstellation 
8. 38B Connstellation 

So especially the "phase IIIc" 22B Victor was redesigned to slot into this series. 

The 22B Director: Not related, just happens to have the same model number. 16B: As I said above, no such thing until way after Elkhart. 

The 14B/18B and 15B/17B Directors were developed from the Pan American 58B. The 58B appears to stem from the Pan American 56B and/or 62B. Where these come from I don't know. …”

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