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Topic: What trumpets in C, using the major orchestras of the United States.

Metropolitan Opera - Yamaha Chicago C, Bach 229 25H,Harrelson modified Bach 229 GB
Philly Orchestra - Jeff Curnow Yamaha Xeno C the last couple of years, recently went back to a Bach/229 Sliding bell (Dick Akright conversion). Bob Early use a Bach 229/25A, and a Yamaha Mark ll C. Bilger has a Bach 229/25H, and Blackburn uses a Bach 229 C with a Japanese made leadpipe. ("Toshi" something)
Louisiana Philharmonic - Yamaha Xeno
San Francisco – Bach
Milwaukee Symphony - Bach with an occasional Yamaha Chicago
Atlanta - Yamaha Chicago, unless Joe Walthall is still using his Bach...
Minnesota orchestra- Manny Laureano: Monette (Schilke C trumpet while he was in Seattle before he switched to Monette) Doug Carlson: Yamaha Chicago. Bob Dorer: Yamaha Chicago. Chuck Lazarus: (On leave) Yamaha. Marty Hodel (Acting 4th) Blackburn
The Madison Symphony - Monettes (at least John Aley and Frank Hanson)
New York Philharmonic – Bachs
The National Symphony. in DC - Yamaha Chicagos

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