Artisan Double Box
Olds Super Box
Torpedo Bag
Selmer Radial Case
Bach Double Case
Conn Leather Double Hard Case
Bb Slides Selmer ERA II
Bach Stradivarius Bb tunning slide serial 100XXX
3º Piston Inox Bomb Extension
Anilhas Stradivarius Vintage - Pistons
Fliscorne Elkhart Bach Suitcase
Double Binyl Suitcase
General bomb to Bach CL 25H
Harrelson set to Bach Sib
General bomb Yamaha Bach CL 25H
Harrelson buttons for Bach Sib
Bach Vintage double box + coverage
Cornetim Bach New York Case

Bach Stradivarius Vintage Trumpet Case

TRIPLE Schilke Case
QUAD Bag - Wolfpack
Surdinas - Mutes
Wolfpack Single
Bach 6 leadpipe factoryLeadpipe 6, acquired in the Bach factory. For trumpet Bach Stradivarius Bb. New, without any kind of scratch or use. Lacquer finish. Leadpipe out of the official catalogue of the Bach products. Free blowing and dark sound. Excellent quality of sound.

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