Here is a list of trumpeters and their work in films and "TV Shows", the list held by a colleague, for several years. Is not complete, but the list is relatively "safe" as the result of joint work with some of their fellow artists.


“All The President’s Men” 1976 
Malcolm McNab & Bob Karon 

“An American in Paris” 1951 
Uan Rasey 

“Apollo 13" 1995 
Tim Morrison 

"The Bodyguard" 1992 
Gary Grant solos 

“Born on the 4th of July” 1989 
Tim Morrison 

“Bound By Honor” 1993 
Rick Baptist (credited) 

“Chinatown” 1974 
Uan Rasey 

“Courage Under Fire” 1996 
Jon Lewis duet w/ Dave Washburn 

“Dances With Wolves” 1990 
Malcolm McNab 
Charley Davis (trailers) 

“The Great Waldo Pepper” 1975 
Graham Young 

“The Godfather*” 1972 
Uan Rasey 

* There is some controversy in the Godfather theme. Some say Jimmy Maxwell done it, others say that was a NY-based trumpet player ...

“The Incredibles” 2004 
Rick Baptist 
Wayne Bergeron 
Jon Lewis 
Jeff Bunnell 

“JFK” 1991 
Tim Morrison 

“Jonny Quest (The Adventures of)” 1990 
Conti Candoli (jazz solo) / Charley Davis (lead) 

“L. A. Confidential” 1997 
Malcolm McNab (credited) 

“The Ladies Man” 1961 
Harry James (& big band), Jerry Lewis’ duet dance to “Ponytail.” 

“Number One” 1969 
Al Hirt

“Rocky Balboa” 2007 
Rick Baptist 
Wayne Bergeron 
Malcolm McNab 
Bob Findley 
Charley Davis 
Gary Grant 
Warren Luening 
Larry Hall 
Dennis Farias 

”The River” 1984 
Warren Luening (credited) 

“Saving Private Ryan” 1998 
Tim Morrison & Thomas Rolfs 

“Seabiscuit” 2003 
Malcolm McNab 

“Snowdogs” 2002 
Rick Baptist 
In an e-mail from Rick (5-29-02), he told me: “John Debney said to just blow over the orchestra and I got lucky” 

“The Sting” 1973 
Buddy Childers 

"The Thomas Crown Affair" 1999 
George Graham flugel solos 

“Without Limits” 1998
Tim Morrison 


“The Bob Newhart Show” 1972 title tune - “Emily’s Home” 
Buddy Childers (Lead & solo) 

“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” 
Malcolm McNab 

“Dudley Do-Right” cartoon from “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show”, 1961 
Uan Rasey 

“Dynasty”, 1981 
Bob DiVall 

“The Green Hornet”, 1966 
Al Hirt 

“Highway To Heaven” 
Malcolm McNab 

“Jack’s Place”, 1992 
Wayne Bergeron 

Jon Lewis, sometimes Marissa Benedict 

“The Jetsons”, 1962 
Conti Candoli (jazz solo) / Bud Brisbois (lead) 

“Jonny Quest (The Adventures of)”, 1964 
Bud Brisbois (lead) 

“The Magician”, 1973 
Tony Terran (piccolo trumpet solo) 

“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, 1970 
Buddy Childers 

“The Munsters” - “Eddie plays the Trumpet” 
Uan Rasey 

"Northern Exposure" 
Tom Marino 

“The Single Guy” 
Ramon Flores 

“Star Trek - Deep Space Nine” 
Malcolm McNab 

“Star Trek - Voyager” 
Jon Lewis 

“Twilight Zone - Portrait of a Trumpet” 
Uan Rasey (all solos) 

“The Waltons” 
Graham Young 

“The West Wing” 1999 
Malcolm McNab 

“Dancing with the Stars” - ABC, summer, 2005 
Rick Baptist 
Warren Luening 
Oscar Brashear 
Larry Hall (last show of that season) 

American Idol 
Harry Kim (regular Lead trumpet) 
Dave Trigg 
Jon Papenbrook 

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